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Nate Nead

Investment Banking Rep 

Nate Nead is an experienced M&A advisor and investment banker who has successfully managed numerous middle-market deals in real estate, software, hardware, digital marketing, agribusiness, consumer products, professional services and oil & gas. An experienced entrepreneur, Nate has founded, operated and exited several digital media, SaaS and software companies, growing them from startup to multi-million dollar market leaders. He brings a wealth of both operational and transactional understanding to the team.

In the last decade Nate has effectuated over 120mm in divestitures for clients, creating exits well above owners’ expectations through strategic sell-side auctions. His sell-side work in oil & gas, business consulting and software & technology has helped to garner valuations as high as 40% above fair market value with EBITDA multiples as high as 14x. Nate’s experience in running broad, strategic auctions has assisted entrepreneurs and long-standing business owners consistently exceed their best expectations.

Nate Nead
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