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Wealth Management

Traditional Brokerage:

For those looking for traditional brokerage services, paying transactional charges or looking for products offered solely through traditional brokerage channels, such as variable annuities, BD model 401Ks (e.g., group annuities), variable life and similar products

Fee-based Wealth Management:

For those looking for fee-based investment advisory services, or in hybrid brokerage/fee-based services offering both brokerage and fee-based solutions, Four Points offers wealth management solutions through two investment advisory scenarios:

Corporate Investment Advisor:

Independent Registered Investment Advisors:

With advisors associated with its affiliated RIAs:

  • Four Points Advisors, offering fee-based investment advisory solutions

  • MHA Financial Corp, offering fee-based investment advisory solutions

With advisors associated with their own independent RIAs, offering fee-based investment advisory solutions including our current independent RIAs:

MHA Financial Corp Advisors

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